Limited Edition Full Housing Case Replacement Shell For Nintendo DS Lite

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This is a complete kit to rebuild a Nintendo DS lite with screws and matching stylus. This kit is not easy to install for beginners, however, they are many tutorials on YouTube that shows you step by step how to install your new shell.


Different colors for limited edition housing shell are available.

The package include:

1x Limited edition housing shell for Nintendo DS lite

  • Screws for the shell
  • Touch Stylus Pen for the Nintendo Shell

20 reviews for Limited Edition Full Housing Case Replacement Shell For Nintendo DS Lite

  1. Andrea Xiong

    Country: KR

    Case, not four. YouTube to note when alone in replacement see. The driver is included for you please buy separately contact

  2. Durante Sciara

    Country: US

    The product was greatly and sturdy packaged! It also arrived quite quickly! 10 days to Europe.

    I must say the plastic felt rather cheap. The inside does not have the texture as an official shell would have, I expected this but it was a bit worse than my expectations.

    I specifically searched for the Doraemon housing and found this one for a reasonable size. The white housing is yellowed on the outside which is a bit of a dissapointment since it should be new….. the blue Doraemon print differs in color a bit but that’s ok!

    I haven’t placed it on my ds lite yet so I’ll leave an additional feedback whenever I changed it!

    So service of the seller (packaging, shipment etc.) I give 5 stars!

    The quality of the product is a bit less…. I would give 3 stars for the product, maybe even 2. But since it was so cheap it balances it out.

  3. Gayla Tincher

    Country: TR

    Great item and fast shipping. The quality is very good and durable. Very recommended A+++++++++++++

  4. Coleen Dragon

    Country: UK

    Brilliant replacement shell, no light bleed.

  5. Starr Lheureux

    Country: KR


  6. Cindi Mcfarlin

    Country: JP
  7. Devon Huntoon

    Country: ES

    Buena calidad. Todo perfecto.

  8. Samirah Hood

    Country: KR
  9. Korey Wu

    Country: KR


  10. Kawano Tanyu

    Country: PL

    Seems okay at first glance, but once i assembled it, it was a whole diffrent story, the entire case is just weird, buttons badly printed and too small for the holes, not a good feeling pressing them, sometimes the dpad goesso deep You dont even feel it, but in the end its a full case with a dog paw, sister is satisfied

  11. Aasiyah Haney

    Country: KR


  12. Derrick Sclafani

    Country: NO
  13. Verline Cordon

    Country: CH

    Am very zufriden! All parts are doing. Very beautiful. Very fair kit. Many thanks

  14. Craig Piro

    Country: CL

    Aesthetically it’s pretty, but it’s a little out of line when closing, and the glue of the SMAS and gums is horrible.

  15. Rosalie Robertson

    Country: ES

    The top does not fit with it itself and does not allow screws to screw properly

  16. Lakisha Mullenix

    Country: DE

    Not as good as a original shell. Better quality than expected. Screws are reapy short -> better reuse the old ones if you can. Comes with everything except the hinge joint -> reuse the old one if you can (better clean it before reusing)

  17. Major Woodrum

    Country: ES

    Quality regulate but for the price is very good. He was late. In case the casing hits so all right. The seller included me a screwdriver from and since I asked him by message.

  18. Jaimee Harter

    Country: FR

    Fast and serious, thank you.

  19. Isadora Heer

    Country: RU

    The case of bad plastic of the joint is not processed the parts to each other are very badly connected do not advise to purchase this case

  20. Rudolf Kirsch

    Country: ES

    muy buena calidad y enbestado perfecto, el envío muy bien protegido

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